• supernova

    Seeing the Inside of a Supernova

  • dean

    Dean Curtis Visited VIDi Labs

  • annie-presentation

    Annie presented to Dean Curtis

  • chris-presentation

    Chris Bryan presented to researchers from Bosch

  • Visual Analysis for Communication Network Performance

  • oh-hyun

    A Machine Learning Approach to Large Graph Visualization

  • Congrats, Franz Saur and Huu Tan Nguyen

  • rasberries

    Visual Storytelling Contest Winner!

  • franz

    Franz Sauer presented his PacificVis 2017 paper.

  • VIDi's presence at PacificVis 2017

  • best-paper

    Best Paper Award!

  • kelvin-presentation

    Kelvin Li presented our AR project to visitors from Alibaba

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