Security Visualization

Summary of Research

The Internet has become a vital tool for interaction between a local computer network and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, simply connecting to it makes you vulnerable to network intrusion attempts. In order to protect the systems on a network, it is necessary to defend against these intrusion attempts. In the case that an intrusion attempt actually succeeds, it is critical to quickly detect it, deal with the compromised system, and prevent repeated intrusions along the same vector. Also, whether or not an intrusion succeeds, it is useful to analyze the attempts to gain counterintelligence on attackers who could potentially attack again. The goal of security visualizations are to allow analysts to quickly detect and/or analyze potential threats.

People Involved

Chris Muelder, Ph. D. student, VIDI

Russell Thomason, Ph. D. student, VIDI

Jim Shearer, Ph. D. student, VIDI

[ Past ]

Johnathan McPherson, Lei Chen, Soon Tee Teoh